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We don’t require a credit check. Discover our criteria today!
Quick loan

No credit check to have a quick cash loan.

It takes so little for your world to turn upside down and all of a sudden you need some money to free yourself from financial pressure.

It’s in these precise moments that it is very useful to be able to receive a loan quickly without a credit check. We are able to provide you with cash quickly. Applying is easy! You just have to fill out the online form and there will be no credit check.

kredit pret pret argent rapide
  • Receive your micro loan the same day in your account.

    We are able to make an interac transfer, often the same day. Everything is done quickly thanks to the online registration. It is possible for us to revise your request as soon as you have :

    ● Fill out the online loan application form;
    ● Provided your full identification (such as your name, date of birth and address);
    ● Transmitted your identity document (driver's license or health insurance card);
    ● Given the reference of your employer;
    ● Do the IBV verification

    All of this information gives us access to Instant Verification (IBV), which is the latest technology deployed by financial institutions. This method avoids sending your statement by fax or calling your financial institution and validating your identity. We will be able to confirm your loan of money in just 60 minutes. There will be no waiting period to receive your money, because the signing of the contract will be done electronically, also avoiding any travel.

  • Why choose Kredit Pret?

    Because all the loan application will be done online, we guarantee the confidentiality of your request. Making your request to us ensures that you do not leave any traces of paper documents that may be seen by others. There will be no papers to scan or documents to fax. Your loan application offers a quick and confidential solution to your money need.

    When you apply for a loan, we will contact your employer, but we only mention that you have applied for funding. In any case, we do not mention the name of our company. In addition, it’s only if we have difficulty reaching you in the event of a default that we contact your personal reference. This is how you can be assured of our absolute discretion.

    Ultimately, we understand that no one is immune from a tough financial situation and the pressing need for a quick micro loan without a credit check. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information.


Receive a quick micro loan from $ 250, $ 500, $ 750, $ 1,000, $ 1,250 to $ 1,500 in complete security and confidentiality. You will finally be able to manage your unexpected expenses with peace of mind, because your credit rating will not be negatively affected since there will be no credit check.

We only need the mandatory information indicated in the online loan application form. This online application process offers considerable benefits, including accurate information, and you may be eligible for a loan that you would otherwise have been denied.
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kredit pret pret argent rapide

$ 250 LOAN

Quick loan

Weekly : $64.51 **
Number of payments : 11
Every two weeks : $118.11 **
Number of payments : 6

Quick loan
kredit pret pret argent rapide

$ 500 LOAN

Quick loan

Weekly : $94.98 **
Number of payments : 15
Every two weeks : $177.84 **
Number of payments : 8

Quick loan
kredit pret pret argent rapide

$ 750 LOAN

Quick loan

Weekly : $119.21 **
Number of payments : 21
Every two weeks : $227.64 **
Number of payments : 11

Quick loan


  • For the ease of getting a loan quickly

    Our process is faster because we do not conduct a credit check as required by the banks. All you need to do is complete our form, which can be found on the online loan application page, which only takes a few minutes, as the questions are very easy to answer. You will then have created your profile where you can submit all the required documents and send your loan application. We can then process your request and it will be easy for us to verify your request and send you an approval quickly. The signing of your acceptance of the loan of money can be done with a single electronic click.

    If we receive all the information to perform our analysis as soon as you create your loan application profile, it will normally be done in under an hour. With us there are no problems. It’s really fast! There are no questions.


    You will be able to choose among our multiple flexible repayment methods the one that suits you best when applying for a quick micro loan online. By obtaining your loan, you will have a weekly management fee in addition to a minimum amount to pay to keep your file open. It's up to you to choose when you increase the amounts to repay your loan more quickly.

    You pay at your own pace and do not have to make your refund by a specific date. Used responsibly, your quick micro loan may be right for you. Plus, you can repay faster to save fees!

  • SAFE

    You can be assured of the safest fast micro loan! Our team of professionals will never request access to your bank accounts and your personal information will never be disclosed beyond our due diligence.

    - A website secured by a perfectly authenticated and approved SSL security certificate allows you to register online with complete peace of mind.
    - With Instant Bank Verification (IBV), you benefit from the same level of security found at major Canadian banks. This technology only allows us to see a secure version of your bank statement, which is essential for us in our analysis of your loan.
    - Once approved, you will receive your loan in your bank account by interac transfer. There is virtually no risk that your loan will be lost. Our process is therefore practical and reliable.

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Be responsible!

A short term loan may be the solution for you, but the fact remains that it must be done responsibly. Be aware that a short-term loan incurs much higher interest charges than a loan from a local financial institution. A short-term loan of money should be used as little as possible and in cases where there are no other possible alternatives.


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